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I just read a recently published book, written by an LA reporter named Reitman, on Scientology. It was interesting in some ways. I got this book to read from our Public Library and pretty much skimmed through it, as it is a rather negative picture of this organization. Ms. Reitman is obviously not an L. Ron Hubbard fan. She shows him as a very brilliant, but paranoid, schizophrenic who developed a cult into a world-wide denomination that exists to this day and still supports an active congregation.


She reports that it presently is very popular in Hollywood and the current leader is an actor named Tom Cruise. She also states that the current Scientology leaders are very sensitive to criticism and do not hesitate to strike back at anyone who openly disapproves of their policies and/or theological concepts.


It does indicate that there are an awful lot of people out there that are searching for spiritual answers and comfort. For one thing, it more or less proves the accuracy of P.T. Barnum’s famous quip.


My recommendation is that one might borrow this book from a public library, but do not waste any money buying it.

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