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Hello, Progressive In St. Louis


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Hi, my name is Carrie. I have some experience with the progressive Christian movement, although currently I am attending an evangelical, nondenominational fellowship. My problem is I can't find a progressive church in St. Louis that has a decent sized fellowship and embraces contemporary worship. I do NOT agree with my church's stance on homosexuality or abortion, nor do I feel the same way they do about sexual relations. I believe the gospel should be demonstrated through our actions towards strangers and our brothers and sisters in Christ (as well as the whole world, for that matter. After all isn't that why Jesus died?)


So if anyone knows of a good, "evangelical" progressive church in St. Louis let me know. Thanks.

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Welcome Carrie,


TCPC doesn't have any published affiliate churches in St Louis. Here is a list in Missouri.


Still they are out there but it is not an easy job to find them sometimes. Best wishes in your search and feel free to familiarize yourself with our site and participate in the discussions.


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Welcome, Carrie.


You may want to check out the UCC of St Louis: http://www.firstcongregational.org/


Although it is probably more "high church", it may, as my local UCC does, have a contemporary worship service. Or you may want to look into a couple of Methodist churches. I am a member of the Methodist church and they are struggling with becoming a "reconciling" church. To me, this kind of struggle is good to be in, not to run away from. But many Methodists have more evangelical services.


On the other hand, for a truly more evangelical flavor with just a bit of liturgy mixed in but with a progressive element, you may want to contact the good folks at Emergent Village to see if they have a cohort near you: http://www.emergentvillage.com/ My local cohort meets at a bar/grill and at Fort Worth UMC for some interesting conversations. :)


Best wishes in your search, Carrie.


...and I hope you find something here that you like.



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