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Hello all, my name is John.


I am pleased to find this forum with its seasoned moderators and general air of goodwill.


I recently turned 60 and am currently away from work for several weeks nursing an ankle injury, so I hope I don't take up too much bandwidth around here. :) God knows I have things to study off-line!


My deep background is - the religion of my parents, Roman Catholic. But I have been outside that church for over 40 years. I spent about 6 years immediately after departure as agnostic and anti-religion, but found my way to a believable - and progressive - version of the 'Way' of Christianity - after a short attempt at Tibetan Buddhist discipline in my twenties. The seriousness of a 'discipline' was exactly what I needed at the time to get back my spiritual mojo I think. I had no idea that Christian meditation and spiritual practices even existed. Fortunately I never gave up on the 'possibility' of God's existence.


For 20 years I refused to read anything by a Catholic! I benefitted from this narrowness by enabling myself to get a good view of many angles of Protestantism, and I believe I represent an unusual mix of both sides of our broken Christianity. Finally I found I needed more spiritual exercise and gratefully re-discovered the classics of the 'old' religion.


I call myself 'Contemplative' because I have since the late 90s been trying to develop a practice of silent prayer according to some of the classic Christian traditions, and this represents the area of most growth for me right now.

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Welcome. I am pleased you have found this community and announced your presence. I think you will find many here with similar backgrounds as yours. It seems each must choose that which works best for them at any moment in time. All views are welcome here within the confines of our behavior guidelines of respect for one another. It is my sincere hope we will all benefit by your presence and views here and that the community here might be of mutual benefit to you.



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Welcome, John. I hope your injury gets better soon. I trust you'll find some conversations here stimulating, worthy of your time, and open to all sorts of ideas (except that the mods keep bringin up this subject called Topic that we are supposed to stay On). :)



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I think this makes me a follower, because I am following Contemplative! :-).


I was raised believing there was a God, although I didn't come from a religious family. After struggling through the first 40 years, crying out because of the messes I would get myself into, He took petty on me and removed the scales from my eyes. I call myself spiritual, because ever since the removing of those scales, I have a clearer understanding of what Paul proclaims.


I don't belong to any religion. The word of God is my teacher and the spirit of Christ is my guide.

I don't know much about anything, but when it comes to this subject, it feeds my soul and I love to share and learn with like minded brothers and sisters.


Thank you for allowing me to do that, Linda

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Welcome Linda. Experiencing grace (and knowing it) is always an interesting thing... if not always comfortable.


And welcome John. Contemplation has many practitioners here, so you should find that a nice fit :)

I'd love to hear more about what you know see useful from Catholicism. Many people (myself included) on this board seem to come from a Protestant background, so your perspective will be very welcomes indeed.

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Welcome to Contemplative and Linda,


As more of a Pure Land Buddhist with a very "low church" background, I have nevertheless found the writings of Thomas Merton (Catholic Trappist monk) illuminating..............in a letter or two he has spoken of his own "silent contemplation".


Anyway, again, welcome.




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