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Milt Rosenberg


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There are a number of thought provoking podcasts available from Milt Rosenberg's radio program that some might be interested in.


Many if not most of Milts guests are authors. He is the best interviewer there ever was!! From history to religion to sociology to political leaders he can talk to anyone.


The only problem is he is on from 10 -12 at night (past my bed time!!)





Here are just a few of those related to Religion.



Religious scholars John White, Bart Ehrman and Scot McKnight uncover the truths about Jesus and reveal who they believe Jesus really was.



Milt's panel of biblical archeaologists talk about some of their greatest discoveries and the impact they have made in their flourishing profession.




Historians Manya Brachear and Randall Balmer discuss America's religious history & the great figures that impacted various religious movements.




A roundtable discussion on current events relating to Christianity, Judaism and Islam with Martin Marty, Manya Brachear and Aaron Cohen.




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