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Hello I Am Very Happy To Be Hear!

Daniel Lezcano

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Hi my name is Daniel,

I have long been seeking God and always have I been attracted to all things spiritual. Unfortunitly I have always also bee very attracted to thee destructive aspects of life.

I have felt trapped in a prison of fear and contempt for far, far to long. I have begun going to church "as an expression of open mindedness" and I run into some of the very unattractive things I have, in the past, out of fear used to prove the world was a bad place. Along with the many articles of faith the status quo take literally, or in a way that justifies there hate or fear.

In the end I have always been very attracted to Jesus him self. But failed to look beyond the frailties of man and realize the Christ message is one of love and that it is indeed perhaps the greatest example of a way to peace. " I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."


Well that is a brief introduction as to what I am all about.


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