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Learning The Guitar


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Well, its never to late to learn......even at sixty odd. I did have a couple of years of lessons in my early twenties, but alas the guitar ended up in the loft, never to appear again again until about four years ago when my daughters (then) boyfriend heard about it and goaded me to get it down and start strumming again. Well I did, and the cat didn't like it much - not to mention "the" wife...... :D - and I must say that 2 to 3 thousand renditions of "Skip to my Lou" does nothing to improve relations with the neighbours. But hey, what the heck?

Anyway, I've moved on. I've always had the emotional side of a song on tap........yes, well, at least, when I start singing everyone starts crying. I would call it "soul", but others..........Well, I'm just learning David Gray's "The One I Love", pretty simple yet I like the lyrics, and often simple is best. Just watching his U-tube video for the umpteenth time and there was a little comment by a soldier's wife......

This song (and his others) got ME through my husbands afghan deployment...most horrid time in my life...but David Gray allowed me to FEEL, and then heal...I couldn't have made it, I don't think, without it....

Thank you for protecting us, the "back home" contingent


Just thought I would share it. Sometimes I think if it had not been for music, things might have got a whole lot worse.

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