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Box? What Box?


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Welcome Kinegrip

(IMO) Where ever there is a limitation to our knowledge or experience, or a comfort zone or a path we commonly travel, or a lack of awareness, I would say that there is a box. Sometimes we need others to recognise our own box or Johari window.

see:- http://www.businessballs.com/johariwindowmodel.htm

We all have boxes (IMO). We may not always recognise them but I believe it is part of being a human being.


I look forward to getting to know you. What an entrance :D to the forum. Welcome.

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I went through most of my life thinking I wasn't in the box, either, until I had to figure out why my nose was always getting sore and out of joint....it was because I kept running into and hitting it on the walls....and realized it was just that I was in a different box than those other folks.



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