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I have found that the search engine on the forum rejects words of under 4 characters. This sometimes make sit difficult to find certain posts where a particular phrase was used.


On many other forums I am able to type in , for instance, "in a sense we are always travelling" and find the post in which it appeared. Here, it would be rejected.


Is there a way we can have a better type of search facility?



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Unfortunately that is a design rather than a problem ( searching for just 3 letter words or less) in the board that i also noticed and do not like but i understand why. However when i search for the phrase you mentioned using quotation marks it still get the results. I prefer using the advanced search to the right of the search emblem to list results as posts instead of topics along with other options available.

I believe using the advanced search with quotation marks will include those words below 4 characters even though they are not highlighted. I verified this by search for a phrase and getting resuls and then adding in a 2 letter word which existed nowhere and i got zero results. This tells me it uses the entire phrase in the search including those below 4. Give it a try.


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