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Who Writes The Program?


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IMHO, YMMV, etc.


We are to respond to grace and to the relationship we have with God and one another. There is a freedom in how we respond, though the recognition of this (by whatever name we put to it) is central. Through this recognition, we are enabled to act, moved in ways we were not before. This is different than a command, where an authority coerces an agent with a degree of free will to comply.

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Joseph wrote: "Neither. We are here simply because we are here"


In my post, I suggested our very existence is all of it, from the one that command, the command itself, the response to the command.,etc.


While I agree that, at least for me personally as it is for others here, about how we respond, I think that isn't the whole of it.

In our human arrogance,we tend to see things from ourselves in a position of power, choice, actions. And yet, that separates us from what is weak, that we may have power over, from positions in which the only choice is not in how we act, but how we accept, I think the next step to that is how we are toward not only others that may be powerless and without option of choice to action, but ourselves as well, how we accept the ways, or situations, in which we are powerless, without option for choiice of action.


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