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Just a correction to Bishop Spong's clearly stated summation of some of the bad decisions made by our political leaders which led our country to the mess we find ourselves in.


It was Colin Powell who was Secretary of State in the build up/selling of the war on Iraq under W. He made an impassioned speech at the United Nations about the weapons-making efforts of Iraq and thereby helped pass the resolution which W took as authorization for the invasion. This was one of the events which caused me to lose respect for Powell as perhaps the only member of the Bush administration with any integrity.


Condoleezza Rice did not become Secretary of State until after the invasion of Iraq had begun.




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Re Colin Powell's mentioned speech....he has also acknowledged since that to be personally one of the most humiliating and shameful mistakes of his career...he was passionate in that speech because he believed the information upon which it was based, and that his sources were trustworthy...he later felt terribly betrayed, and I feel that was the case as well.


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