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The Problems With Collective Salvation

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If I may offer an alternative view, I might suggest that we do in fact pay for the shortcomings (Sins) of those we share this world with. Likewise, we also reap the benefits when those we share this world with act in a manner beneficial to society. We are one body, the brotherhood of man, thus when we miss the mark it affects others. The same is true when we live in a manner beneficial to our collective body, "humanity".


Collective salvation may very well imply the continuation of the human race or our extinction. We live in fragile times and I think we have reached a crossroads as a species. Will we learn to live in harmony with one another or will we continue on the path of destruction and destroy ourselves as a people?


I for one appreciate the op, as I think it touches on some very valid possibilities. To be or not to be, that is the question! Are we going to survive ourselves? I certainly have that hope and also the faith that we will prevail as a people. Perhaps it IS all or nothing in the end. This mindset certainly has the potential to push us, motivating us so we might reach a higher achievement together, no?




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