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Game Of Thrones

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Are there any Game of Thrones fans here? I recently started reading the Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R.R. Martin and watching the TV series version and I'm officially hooked. I love the complex politics and this vast and believable world Martin has created. I love how he focuses more on the drama and relationships between the characters than stereotypical battles and magical deus ex machinas. So far my favorite characters have been Daenyrs and Arya. I love how Arya doesn't take any sexist rubbish from anyone and is maturing into a powerful and strong young lady who can kick butt with the rest of the guys and she doesn't let anyone force their desires on her and she's also one of the few characters with actual morals. I also admire how Daenyrs was able to take a bad situation and grow stronger from it and slowly turns herself into a powerful leader and starts to stand up to her abusive brother. I've been especially impressed with TV series which has been a very close adaptation of the books and so far has been following the books almost scene from scene. The visuals are some of the most impressive I've seen of any TV series and I love the soundtrack for it. Who else here is a Song of Ice and Fire fan and what are your thoughts on it? Also, I've only just recently started on the first book and I'm barely half-way through and I haven't seen all of the TV series yet so please remember to mark spoilers.

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Just saw this thread. :)

I had not heard of this series on HBO until I opened an account at the local Cable provider for a week. I found it while surfing HBO.


I loved it! Sean Bean caught my attention first, as I adored him in the LOR trilogy.

Then I saw the Jason Momoa character, warrior Khal Drogo . Wow! And he's so good as the new Conan the Barbarian too.

Now he's trying to write his way back into the new 2012 series when it begins in the Spring. (Article)


All the characters are so intense and believable. The suspense, back stabbing, mystery, easily hooked my attention as I'm a big fan of ancient war fantasy.

It's hard to believe, with the last installment, that we have to wait until spring of this year for the story to continue. The end of 1st season was phenomenal. I love dragons! :wub:

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I am nearly finished with the first book "Game of Thrones" and am hooked. I haven't started watching the series on HBO because I'm afraid they will move too fast for me to keep up with the books. I can always watch them later if I want to.

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