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Hi, I'm New, Now What?

Andrew Cort

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I'm Andrew Cort from the Berkshires in western Mass. I'm an Author, H.S. Teacher, Attorney (no longer practicing), Chiropractor (no longer practicing), and most importantly a Dad (still practicing, though she's 17 and will soon be leaving me :( . I'm the author of The Purpose of Religion: Enlightenment, Meaning and Love in Jewish, Christian and Islamic SymbologyMy link and other books about the underlying decency and spiritual unity of all our wonderful traditions. I also have a blog on the same theme, Spirituality and ReligionMy link. Always looking for like-minded people, friends, colleagues, guest bloggers, contacts, etc.

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Hi Andrew,


Welcome. I'd say the next thing is to look around the various forums and leap into the waters when the mood takes you. Or begin a thread of your own so others can make the jump.....


All the best

tariki (Derek)

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Ah, another soul of eclectic interests, as am I!

Welcome, Andrew!

Thank you for your links, I see a good deal there that looks interesting, will try to explore more later, but I'm really getting snowed under in my current reading projects!

Looking forward to you participation here.



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