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Greetings, greetings. I am a liberal progressive living in a conservative community. I have the upmost respect for the Christians in my community, but have no common ground. i am searching for community, and hope to begin a progressive faith-sharing locally. Until that happens, however, I have hopes of becoming involved with this community. I'm here to learn, to question, and hopefully, drop a bit of insight now and again. :) I've already found the book list quite useful.

I'm also homebound and quite lonely, so if you are of a mind, I'd love to have some "virtual" friends.

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Welcome Yvonne,

Thanks for the introduction. I'm certain with that attitude we will all benefit from your presence here and you will find many like minded individuals. Your views are welcome here even if they differ. That I believe is progressive in itself.


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Guest billmc

Welcome, Yvonne.


I'm glad you've found us! My wife and family are Southern Baptists so I may have some sense of your predicament. :) Good, kind, and loving people in spite of their theology. Just difficult to talk about spiritual things with. Anyway, I hope you quickly feel at home here and I look forward to your conversations with our group. We are a diverse lot but enjoy listening to each other and endeavoring to grow from our interactions about life, the universe, and everything! :D


Bill Mc

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