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Greetings friends,


Still getting familiar with the list, I'm encouraged to have discovered such a generally intelligent and broad-minded group of religionists.


I've attempted a brief intro on my profile, please feel free to make contact if so moved.


Hoping to be of service,


M Brent Melody

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Welcome Brent,


And thanks so much for the most interesting profile you shared. I found it unique but not un-similar in general to the experiences of many others here. Look forward to your contributions from your life experiences and study.



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Thanks for the welcome brothers,


It's been at least 2 years since I began browsing TCPC with some pleasure.


I'm impressed with the board administration, and grateful to be supplied with a high-caliber avenue for religious socialization and service.


Yes, Dutch, your astute observation is succinctly understated :rolleyes:


A Dios,


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