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I am from Brazil and was baptized into the Catholic Church. Ours is a pretty laid-back culture, which in a sense may be good... Most people simply assume that God is good and loving and compassionate... and leave matters at that.


It is only somewhat recently that I felt an inner urge to study the faith. So, I read the Cathechism and some handbooks of dogmatic theology. I also read quite a bit about Church history.


Where I hoped to find enlightenment, I found instead reason to feel perplexed and even shocked.... Much of what I found struck me as absurd on rational and sometimes on moral grounds.


Among the dogmatic elements of the "official" doctrine which gave me pause are such things as: the way Catholics think of original sin, the death of unbaptized children, hell as literally endless torment, the penal-substituionary view of the Atonement, the Church's overly repressive sexual ethics, among a host of other issues...


So, I registered here in hopes of discussing issues such as the above, with a view to finding more enlightened and compassionate ways to conceptualize the Faith.


I am a Philosophy Professor, with an inquisitive mind. I just cannot find peace in blind, unreasoned adherence to dogma.


With best wishes for all forum members,


Rodrigo Jungmann

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Welcome to the community. I'm sure you will find an abundance of other members here who came to the same feelings you have. It seems to me, dogma and doctrine are to a large degree expelled by progressive Christians and others on their journey in search of Truth. I am most certain, that you, as others here have found, will find a more "enlightened and compassionate way to conceptualize the Faith".


Familiarize yourself with the guidelines in each area and feel free to express your concerns and your own view.



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You have hit the boards running, so to speak. You will certainly find different ways of conceptualizing the faith here. Sometimes we may be enlightened and most of the time compassionate. By your start here, I know we will enjoy the conversations.


Again, welcome



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