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My Mother-In-Law Sent Me

Steve Volk

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So my mother in law, a great lady, just read the introduction to a book I've written, and she suggested I look into this site. The book was a precursor to my applying for membership in a local Quaker meeting. It's a circuitous route I'm traveling. But at least I'm moving. I suppose I'll start by poking around and seeing what's here. But if anyone has any suggestions on something to read to bring me up to speed on what this site is all about, please let me know. —Best, Steve

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Welcome to the board, Steve. Glad your travels have brought you here. :)


This board has a lot of varied content - theological discussions, book studies, comparative religion. If you look around I'm very confident you'll find something of interest to you.




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Welcome Steve,


This thread is a good place to start (Attention New and Prospective members) to see what our mission is and this board is all about in a general way. Then perhaps you can get the flair of things as others have said by poking around. You can also familiarize yourself with our etiquette HERE and then reading our guidelines at the top of each forum to better understand our posting guidelines for that section. As a member, I would certainly be interested in learning more in this thread about a bit of your background if you would be willing to share that with us along with what your book is about..



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