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Congratulations To Eddie Kidd!

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Eddie Kidd, the ex motor cycle daredevil, paralysed and virtually confined to a wheelchair, has just completed the London Marathon. His time? 43 days, just a tad outside the record of 2hrs plus a bit. He was raising money for Children's Cancer UK and other Charities.


Every day he has got himself up and, with each step a struggle - and more a shuffle than a step - he made his way through the entire course. Supported by his wife, who has been with him all the way, before and after his accident.


His story is not my story, but it helps....


Well done Eddie!


Read all about it

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What a wonderful story and what a testament to the incredible resilience of the human spirit!

It is a real spirit-lifter to see a story like this in all the garbage that substitutes for news, especially in the USA


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