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Downloading Topics/threads


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Hi everyone,


Some may remember that our board used to have a feature which allowed one to download topics/threads into one file, whether html or text. Now, however, though we still have a Download feature set at the bottom of the page, it is more of an equivalent to the “Save Page As” on your web-browser. It doesn’t save the entire thread, but only the current page of the thread one is looking at (the same is true for the Print feature). That’s probably ok for many topics, but for some topics running 10 or 20 pages, this can be inconvenient.


So if you’d like to download an entire thread into one file, you can adjust “Number of posts to show for each topic page”, which is in Board Preferences in your personal settings.


TCPC Message Board

> Your control panel

> Forums

> Board Preferences


Notice that the bottommost option is 1000 posts (which might as well be considered "unlimited"). This will allow you to view all the posts of a thread on a single page.


Please remember, though, when you've finished, not to leave the setting permanently at 1000 as it will unnecessarily consume bandwidth.



Mike (as moderator)


PS This is based on my observations - If anyone does notice that there actually is a way of downloading topics/threads the 'old' way, please let me know.

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