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New Moderator Added To The Water Cooler Area


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To All,


Please welcome Dutch better known as glintofpewter as a new moderator to lead the Water Cooler forum including Introductions and the Cafe. Dutch has been with us since July of 2009 and i am pleased to have him as a member of the team supporting the operation of this forum. Please give him the respect and cooperation in the discharge of his function that he has earned in his excellent reputation as a member these past two years.


Having area moderators takes a load off of my back and the 2 global moderators which is greatly appreciated with our activity now near 500 new posts a month. While we certainly do not want to over-moderate this forum, the number of spammers and new members with agendas of their own make it necessary to have more consistent moderator presence and not impose a timely load on any one. We have gained a reputation here of being one of the most civil and respectful forums on the web when it comes to religion or theology. This is due mainly in part to member focus on respect and tolerance for fellow members with often opposing views. Dutch will be personally inviting new members to introduce themselves first before posting and familiarizing themselves with our etiquette and guidelines so that we can avoid such incidents as we had with stv2k.


JosephM (as Admin)

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