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What About A Tcpc Banner Exchange?


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What about a FREE TCPC banner exchange in which Progressive Christian individual's could place the TCPC logo banner on 'their' web pages..and if...TCPC approves of their website's message as being in harmony with the 8 points..then in return TCPC could list their web page as TCPC's Recommended LINks or Sponsors? This would help Link Progressive Christians together in a network, promote their web pages as well as help promote TCPC in general.

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Great idea!


You should just send ideas like this right to me, as they are not really "conversation starters," unless you are volunteering to do this or asking for other volunteers or ideas... right?


But please do send ideas my way as they occur to you. This would be easy to set up as we already have logos available for download on the site and a list of recommended links and weblogs.



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