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The Play Called Life!

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Hi everyone,


I had a great chat with a very close friend last night and after we got off the phone I felt compelled to write. I was not thinking about anything in particular but I was just sitting back enjoying the chat I had just had.


Anyway I went and got a piece of paper and let my spirit do the talking. This is what ended up on my piece of paper.


* God has created a play called 'life and it is up to us to be the stars!


* To get the most out of the play called 'life' we must appreciate and celebrate the involvement of the 'creator' (God) and the 'director' (humanity).


* Even though the creator (God) has a grand vision of the play called 'life' we must recognise and respect that the 'director' (humanity) will cast all types of people with varying experiences, values, ethics and beliefs. Through all of this we must never lose sight of the creators grand vision and play our role accordingly.


* The creator loves and values every single persons position in the play called 'life'. From the star actor, to the boot polisher everyone has their part to play and the creator is proud!


* As actors in the play called 'life' we ALL have automatic entry into the sequel!



I was spiritually urged to send this to you all. I hope you enjoy it!

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Hi Spiritseeker,


Good to hear from you again. That is certainly one way to look at life. One could most definitely say it is a like a drama in many ways with each of us playing a part. I did have a similiar experience once (no drugs here) where it was clear and i sat down and wrote this which is similar in a way....


Perhaps life here should be lived in the moment and taken less seriously and acknowledged for the melodrama it is.

There are those who are here to make war and are fighters. There are those who will kill and those to be killed. There are farmers who live to make food. There are politicians who make politics and financiers who make money. There are those who live off their labor and those who live off of others. There are those who are hungry and those who are full. There are those who play games and those who are serious. There are those who save the trees and earth; there are those who save the animals. There are those that take and those who give. There are those who speak and those who are silent. There are leaders and flocks; there are priests and the sage. Each according to his appointment it seems. A most wonderful dance is seen of the universe, with nary a dust speck out of place.


What more can I say of these things seen; who source is not readily apparent. Existence itself will speak of the truth as I sit dumbfounded in awe.



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In his commentary on Romans, Barth claimed life is mere parable, and I think he's onto something.


In the recent movie, "True Grit," the female protagonist once referred to God as The Author of All Things. I have to admit I rather kind the author metaphor, especially in relation to free will & theodicy concerns. Any (good) author will tell you that their characters and worlds get a 'mind of their own', and its amazing how much authors can love their creations, though that love looks and feels very different than familial love. It also sets up a type of separation between God and humanity that I think gets rid of some of the sillier "God is on my side" elements.


There's a theologian on my to read list named Kevin Vanhoozer who apparently is very interested in "theo-drama" and emphasizes points like this. I'm rather curious what he says, but I need to get through some other stuff first.

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Hello Spiritseeker,


Good to 'see' you around. I very much enjoy the 'play' metaphor of creation.

I recall something Thomas Merton wrote,


'The Lord plays and diverts himself in the garden of his creation...'

'For the world and time are the dance of the Lord in emptiness.'


If this is all a story, a play, then it seems sensible to say that God is directly invested in this story. His life is expressed in and through these roles, with the ultimate aim of self understanding and realization.


Thanks for sharing.



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