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Torah As The Foundation Of Christianity


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The Topic of this verse;[JAPHETH]discusses the geneology of one of Noah's sons and where the posterity of that Patrioch/son eventually became situated on the Planet per Gen.10:2-5.


From my comprehension of Torah, these two verses; Noah,his sons and their posterity were all Gentiles.


Gen.11:10-32 provides the geneology of SHEM, the patrioch of a nomadic people who inhabited the Valley of Aram. From this patrioch gentile son of Noah, is produced Abram, another gentile, selected by God to become the patrioch of two Nations and three religions; The Nation of Israel and the Israelite's religion, The Nation of Edom and the Edomite's religion and via Ishmael, the religion of Islam. Gen.16:3-4&15.


As Torah is referenced via the verses I've noted, nowhere is it found that the descendants of Japheth were included in the Covenant between God and Abraham, but who was included. Gen.15:18-21.


IMO, if Torah is no longer considered the foundation of Christianity and doesn't need to be used as reference for God's Word, where is Truth to be found?

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