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Progressive Elements In Fundamentalist Faiths

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Study world religions for some 15 years now I have noted 'some' actual 'Progressive' changes' and improvements among many very conserative and well-populated faith groups, and I feel that if we learn about these changes, no matter how slight or few amoung Conserative Judeo-Christian faith groups then this can help US by seeing common grounds that we can agree on. We can then highlight and compliment such improvements and such acknoweldgements on our part may soften the hearts of some conseratives who may not be as extra dark in fundamentalism as we may have thought and it may encourage them to make a move to become more progresive.


For example...


1.The Catholic Church...


USED to teach that hell was an eternal hellfire place or torment but over ten years ago they changed their interpretation to simply mean to be seperated from God.


2. Lutherns reject the Left Behind threats.


3. JW's reject all forms of war.


4. Some Pentacostals allow Women to be preachers


5. Jesus People USA now refuses to use the word "CULT" to discribe other faiths and now calls them "Alternative Faith groups", and urges other Evangelicals to do the same.


Groups 1,2, and 3 all reject the notion the hell is an eternal fireplace instead opting for conditionalism. Groups 1, 2 and 3 reject the Left Behind belief. Groups 1 and 3 have also reject this war. And if you can think of others, please add them to the list! thanks!:)

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I don't have a lot to contribute to this thread but I can say that within the Evangelical community there is an "element" (movement) that is somewhat similar to Process theology. They call it Openness theology and major proponents are Greg Boyd (www.gregboyd.org); Clark Pinnock, etc. In a nutshell, where Process theolgoy asserts that God cannot supernaturally intervene in the law's of nature, Openness theology asserts that God can but in creating Creation, has established things such that S/He chooses not to in order to allow genuine free will to take place.

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Well, such views are moderate to me, but within the larger culture (Church universal), these views are rather novel and even percevieved as heretical by many. Indeed, attempts have been made to have certain college professors fired for their openness to Openness theology.

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