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Hello From San Juan Islands


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I love exploring the Truth and enjoy the wisdom of many beliefs, but have quite an affinity for Progressive Christians. Partly because you really do encourage exploration, and partly when I was a little girl, I took the Sunday school phrase, "Jesus is always beside you" so literally that I would sleep near the edge of my bed so Jesus would have room to sleep there also. Now I realize he can find his own place to sleep, but am still drawn to the idea of Love always being near.


I'm a 53-year-old widow on Fidalgo Island, that's where Anacortes is, the town that leads to the ferries, but many don't realize it's an island also, and it's SO beautiful here.

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Islander, It is great that you create the space in present time. Enjoy the beauty and the many moments of awareness on a beautiful island throughout the day. Nice to feel your positive flow.

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