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Unexplained Aerial Objects


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I recently read four books written by Dr. Jacques Vallee. Dr. Vallee is one of today's most widely respected researchers of unexplained aerial phenomena. He earned a master's degree in astrophysics while living in France and holds a PhD in computer science from Northwestern Univ. Dr. Vallee is the author of several books about high technology and unidentified phenomena.


Dr. Vallee has spent approximately fifty years researching what he terms “Unexplained Aerial Objects”. The first three books, a trilogy (Dimensions, Confrontations, Revelations), were published in 1988, 1990, and 1991. The last book, entitled “Wonders In The Sky” was published in 2009. Each book contains many “occurrences”, and some opinions, although Dr. Vallee is very careful to not make any assumptions that are not supported by fact. The subject, to me, is fascinating, but at the same time, it is also frustrating. Why is it frustrating? In spite of fifty years of careful research in which he and his colleagues investigated thousands of incidents, there is no conclusion: Unexplained Aerial Objects truly exist, and evidently have been around for thousands of years, but we still do not know the real source of the phenomenon and the reason they show up unexpectedly from time to time.



Personally, I find all of this fascinating. Tomorrow, March 22nd, 2011, I will be eight months into my 85th orbit of the Sun. That means that it will not be very long before I find out what is on the other side (maybe). IMHO I believe mankind has an exaggerated opinion of its intelligence and knowledge. The older I get, the more I realize that we actually know very little about this world we live in, and, how to get along with each other. Our main personality factor is hubris, when it should be Unconditional Love.


There is an old adage: The larger the sea of knowledge, the longer is the shoreline of ignorance.


Because a full review is rather lengthy and would not be interesting to some people, I have put the review into my blog. If you are interested you may visit my blog at http://halonjustice.blogspot.com/



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I just cannot leave this subject alone.


There seems to be an existing element in this world that is being ignored by all but a few individuals. Ignored, that is, by all but some rabid cultists, several secret military organizations, a couple of interested scientists, and several individuals like myself. My curiosity has been stimulated; I would like to know more about this subject! The subject: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) or Unexplained Aerial Objects.


My interest was initiated a long time ago. In 1947 I was a college student in Tacoma, Washington and had a part time job at a local small airport. An occasional visitor to this airport was Ken Arnold, a fire equipment salesman who flew around the Northwest in a light aircraft. I think Ken stopped off at this airport primarily because the restaurant there served a hamburger that included thousand-island salad dressing, cheddar cheese, bacon, a fried egg, a thick slice of onion, and/or lots of horseradish. Anyway, Ken was the person who more or less started the current UFO hubbub in June of 1947 by reporting to a local newspaper that he observed nine “Flying Saucers” near Mount Rainier. This was after some fishermen had reported an occurrence over the water in Puget Sound three days before. This more or less initiated the modern UFO publicity and propaganda campaign that continues to this day.


At this point we can just guess, speculate, or presume. MOST OF US HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO DISMISS ANYTHING WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND, but maybe, in this instance, we should involve ourselves in some speculations or presumptions. But we won’t, like the UFO cultists, pound the table and claim that our conclusions just have to be absolute fact. Lets just suppose that there is a “spiritual” element that is parallel to our material existence; spiritual beings that can contact us and perhaps influence us knowingly or unknowingly.


When it became apparent that there was a REAL element involved in these mysterious occurrences, the whole subject was swallowed up by a government military ban and a group of UFO cults who insisted that these were visitations by aliens from one or more other planets. Some insisted that these were visitors from planets in our solar system and others said that far off solar systems had to be involved. In spite of the fact that no proof of this has taken place, the UFO cults still insist on this “explanation”.


Most of the cultists ignore the fact that these “alien” visitations have been occurring for thousands of years and have been included in every civilization’s folklore since the year one. Today’s historians consider these stories as “fairy tales” or “mythology”. In spite of the fact that these “aliens” seem to be a rather common earth-wide phenomenon the UFO cultists insist that they are Extraterrestrial Aliens (ETAs), although the only evidence for this belief is their assumptions, based primarily on pre-conceived ideas and the inability to come up with an alternate reasonable opinion. And, unfortunately, no one else has been able to come up with a rational identification or explanation, in spite of rather extensive scientific research efforts. Most of the military units, who were involved thirty or forty years ago, seem to have given up completely.


I do not like to call these strange beings “aliens” because they may be just as much a part of this world as we are. There is some evidence to indicate that “they” are just as much a part of this world as Homo sapiens is – we just do not know where they come from, or where they go. There is also some evidence that they may have had a great deal of influence on ancient civilizations and much more interaction with mankind in ancient times than they have today.


(This is not all there is. I am going to be out of town for three days, but I will give you the rest of the story next Tuesday!)

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Hello, Hal~


This thought has occurred to me often, regarding aliens and God/Jesus. Since there are other stories similar to the Jesus story (Horace, for example), I have wondered how the same story could have spread over vast territory of land and time. It would make sense to me that something or someone could have planted both stories simultaneously for a specific purpose.


There are even stories of underground populations and headquarters of aliens, intermingling and controling our government. That wouldn't surprise me at all.


I've often mentioned on the old Spong forum, if you remember or even read my posts, that I believe we have a very limited awareness and knowledge regarding what the truth really is and there seems to be a common mindset based on belief of what we know so far, and what we've learned in school textbooks among the general population on earth, whether in the US or abroad. Only those of us who's curiosity and quest for answers are growing in knowledge, whether popular amongst our friends and families or not (usually not).


And I'm wondering if that limited dummy-downedness might not be intentionally implemented by some superior entities, using earth for some purpose of which we have no clue. How many centuries of people have been trying to figure out the God or Jesus thing, only to just form conclusions with with they are comfortable, based on their own education and logic. I'm not satified with anything I've read from anyone's hypothesis and therefore, am drawn to hearing and learning what might seem outlandish and unthinkable to others.


After listening to theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku on his many youtubed lectures, (he even reminds me of a robotic alien as he speaks) I'm more convinced of our worldly ignorance.


I do have the thought that if true that aliens are among us and leading us, love is most definitely an agenda, and I wish they would just come out of the closet (or spaceship, or tunnel) and set us all straight! (unless it truly is a 'star wars' scenario of which force is stronger).


Then again, it would all come down to whether or not a 'God" of the universe is creating the aliens as well as the humans (who to the aliens are alien). I like to think more finitely and say that aliens could be the God force and we still don't know anything about it. But at least that would make more sense to me than an enigmatic, theistic, contradictive God put forth in the bible.




edited to mention this:


By the way, if anyone has been to Hawaii or some other flat vastness of land without much reflective light and has looked up at the stars, planets and other celestial bodies in the sky, you'd have to wonder how they could be dismissed as something that's just part of our universe. Something there to provide light for us when the sun goes down.

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Thank you Kath. You and I may not be on the same track, but we seem to be heading in a similar direction. Most of the people who contribute to this forum seem to be expressing their guilt at having abandoned the theology given to us by the medieval Roman clergy and expressing their wonderment at the long shoreline of ignorance. The book by Ken Daniels is a good example - he just goes on and on about how guilty he feels for abandoning his pre-adolescent beliefs.


Anyway, I promised last week that I would finish the story which expresses my opinion of the activities of what is called the "Unexplained Aerial Objects":


Now I do NOT believe that G-d, or JHWH, is a male individual just a little ways up in the sky who micro-manages the activities that take place on earth. However, it is possible that there is a population of spiritual beings just out of our sight, most of the time, who are very interested in the activities of mankind that take place on earth. For want of a better term, let us call them ANGELS. I would guess that the Angels are required to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Supreme Divinity (SD), just as we are, but they are apparently not required to live on this planet in the same fashion as Homo sapiens but in a parallel spiritual situation.


Sixty or seventy thousand years ago the Angels chose, with SD approval, to endow a particular bi-ped mammal with a soul and consciousness (image of G-d), a characteristic that was not given to any other animal on the planet. Who set up the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve? It sounds like an ideal Angel project, designed for mankind’s benefit, evidently with the authorization of the SD. And things just went down hill from there. This bi-ped mammal, with its new consciousness, had a mind of its own. Rather than be micro-managed by the spiritual guides, mankind proved to be bull-headed, stiff-necked, stubborn, and arrogantly defiant. And, only occasionally compliant. Supervising the entire world population was probably not feasible.


So, the next step was to create a “chosen people” that could be directly influenced and guided. The Angels chose Abraham and his immediate family. There are at least twenty instances recorded in Genesis where the Angels gave direct guidance to Abraham and his family. Then, the Abrahamic offspring pretty much moved to northern Egypt and were established there for approximately 400 years.


But, the Angels didn’t give up. They chose an Egyptian-raised Hebrew to be the leader and moved most of the Hebrew population out of Egypt into an area on the Arabian Peninsula for about forty years. This group of Hebrews was just as bull-headed and stiff-necked as the rest of mankind and they required an inordinate amount of managing. The Angels advised, punished, and provided sustenance on an every day basis to this group of Hebrews for forty years while they were getting a new generation ready to occupy Canaan. The Torah has hundreds of entries: “The Lord says:”.


Then Joshua took over, with the Angel’s help. The occupation of Canaan by the Hebrews could not have taken place without Angel’s direct assistance. It was a violent, bloody war; there were times when the Angels did not take any prisoners. The Hebrews occasionally got off-track and were punished for their mistakes. Again, the scripture is full of: “The Lord says”. Joshua was closely guided day in and day out.


In the sixth chapter of Judges the word “Angel” appears for the first time, although in this story “The Lord says” is also used several times. Gideon obviously had help from the Angels. By this time the Angels were also working with Prophets, using them as intermediaries in some instances. In First Samuel the Hebrews started talking about a “King”. The Angels were not pleased with this and attempted to talk the “people” out of their desire for a king, but they did not succeed. So, from that point on the Angels had to deal with Kings, much of the time using Prophets to get their message across. It was not a very satisfactory way to micro-manage and things really went down hill. It was just one thing after another for hundreds of years until finally the Chosen People’s land was occupied by the Roman Armed Forces and the Angels seemed out of sight. It was time for the Angels to change their tactics. And, THEY DID!


In the early years of the Common Era a new face appeared and I sincerely suspect He was an ANGEL. Look at his qualifications: He frequently cured diseased persons, even lepers, but did not get ill himself; He brought people back to life after others had declared them dead; He walked on water; it is said that He never sinned; demons were very afraid of Him; He scoffed at being “unclean”; He claimed that he “came” to fulfill the Old Testament law, not to do away with it; He was responsible for many miraculous healings; etc. etc. etc. After His crucifixion He was placed in a tomb, but He spent very little time in it and moved around the country freely afterwards. What else could He be?


Jesus Christ had to be an Angel. Why else would mankind argue for centuries over the degree of His divinity? Evidently, the change in strategy was somewhat successful as the “Christian” church has survived for more than 2000 years, even though it has had a very contentious history and has splintered into more than 3000 denominations. I suspect that Saul’s (Paul’s) epiphany on the road to Damascus was Angel inspired. Paul and the other apostles may have had some Angelic assistance in establishing Jewish/Gentile synagogues around the Mediterranean (and western Asia). And, the scribes who wrote the liturgies (the Gospels) for these same synagogues may have been helped, maybe unknowingly, by Angels.


If you do not believe that Angels were the SD’s representatives on earth, read the biblical book of Daniel. So! The Angels may have learned that anger, judgment, and violence are poor habits that create harm, sorrow, and bankruptcy but so far they have not been able to convince mankind that those habits are very unworthy and that LOVE is the answer to almost all problems and conflicts. Mankind seems to be just as bull-headed and stiff-necked as it has always been – just look at our present day Congress.


We may dismiss the thought of Angels because they have been very secretive in recent years and we do not know how they fit in with mankind’s activities and we don’t know what or who they are. It seems much easier to worship Mammon and be involved in self-preservation or security and not have to worry about the poor or unhealthy. Maybe, with the Angel’s help, we could begin to look beyond the end of our nose. I wonder if the Angels answer prayer?

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What, or who, are the “aliens” or “spiritual beings” existing in a parallel environment. Parallel, that is, to mankind’s material milieu. One obvious factor is that some of them seem to have several of the same personality faults that plague human beings. On the other hand, folklore tells us that occasionally they have been helpful, kind, and loving towards the human population. Witnesses do not always describe them the same, so there may be more than one kind or type. If we do not want to call them “Angels”, then we could use the medieval term “Sprite”. A Sprite was a ghost or spirit or a small spiritual “being” in the middle ages and they must have existed, or we would not have heard about them in so many stories. One of the hardest things for us materialists to accept is the fact that these Sprites, or Angels, or Elves, or Whatever, actually exist and are just as real as the automobile that is sitting in your garage or driveway.


From what I have read, some humans are quite spiritual and are able to use their spirituality talent for very good purposes. I am now reading a book written by a Dr. Carmen Harra (PhD), a clinical psychologist, who claims that she is metaphysically intuitive. I do not know what that means, -- I am probably a complete spiritual dumbbell. Dr. Harra states: “We would see that we are all eternal souls taking human form for a brief time, and that our spiritual selves are our real selves.”


Dr. Harra states that each soul, when the physical body expires, goes into a spiritual environment, which she labels the “Divine Realm”. In the Divine Realm the spiritual individual has the option of going back into the physical universe (reincarnation) or staying in the spiritual environment. This sounds like Buddhism or Shinto’s to me. However, it is a possibility. Maybe the good Doctor knows something I don’t.


Rather than go into all the possibilities, I will quit at this point. It is obvious that the people who cruise the threads in this forum are not interested in spirituality that is not bible related; and, there is nothing wrong with that, we each have our own interests. If you managed to read all this drivel, then I thank you for your patience and courtesy.

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I had a personal encounter with a UFO. I had just been discharged from the Navy. I went back to Indiana to visit my family. My wife and I were returning to my sister’s home in rural NW Indiana around mid-night after having had dinner with my Nephew and his wife earlier in the evening.


This must have been in mid July of 1968. There was no moon. It was pitch black that night. We were just a couple of miles from my sister’s house when I noticed lights hovering about tree top level across an open field as we were driving. The lights were on my side of the car so I watched them for several seconds. This is rural Indiana in 1968 there were no other lights on anywhere at that time of night. The lights appeared to be rotating and changing colors. I asked my wife to look out to her left and tell me what she saw. She confirmed that she saw it too. I was a jet engine mechanic in the Navy so I was familiar with aircraft and identifying aircraft during night operations.


I stopped the car and got out. There was complete silence. The vehicle continued to hover at tree top level. We never felt threatened and all I could see was rotating multicolored lights hovering at tree top level about a quarter mile away. My wife decided she’d seen enough and rather emphatically suggested we get the hell out of there. I got back in the car and as we started off the vehicle ascended vertically and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


I have no idea what we saw, but it appeared to be some sort of an intelligently designed craft and it was most definitely not swamp gas, an airplane, or a helicopter. Many other witnesses have reported similar sightings so I’m convinced my wife and I weren’t hallucinating, and we didn’t drink alcohol at the time in our lives either so we weren’t drunk. I have no idea what it was and I’m not suggesting it was in any way extraterrestrial. That was my one and only experience with UFO’s but, needless to say I suppose, that sparked my interest in such phenomena and I still enjoy reading about them.


I have no idea what they may be, or where they may have come from, be but I am convinced they do exist because of my experience. I tend to think we probably have more advanced top secret technology than we will admit to. That said, I admit that I watch the UFO stuff on the history channel whenever they run it.

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I will be perfectly blunt that as a skeptic that I don't think there's any evidence that UFOs have ever been to Earth or that humans have had contact with alien life. I'm a fan of sci-fi and I believe it's possible alien life could exist somewhere out there in the universe, but I've never seen any convincing evidence that aliens exist. The only proof claims people offer up are always either blurred photographs, fuzzy poorly recorded video recordings uploaded to youtube, mistaken sightings of natural phenomenon like fireballs, personal subjective experiences, or they turn out to be hoaxes and pranks. I don't believe in government conspiracies covering it up because somebody would have uncovered proof of it by now. The government can barely keep Wikileaks from leaking files of their unconstitutional behaviors, so if the government was covering up aliens, someone like Wikileaks would have proven it by now. If the government can't even cover up their politicians' sexual scandals, I don't see how they could keep covering up something as massive as proof of alien life. This is not to say that everyone who believes in UFOs are delusional or liars. When you're in the midst of an exciting moment, it's easy to let your emotions get the best of you and mistake an ordinary natural phenomenon for something more controversial. I don't believe personal subjective experiences are conclusive evidence because as Thomas Paine wrote in the Age of Reason, subjective experiences of the paranormal are only convincing to the people who had the experience and hearsay to everyone else. Though David Hume was writing about miracles, I think the same reasoning should also apply to other extraordinary claims like UFO sightings and alien abductions:

A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence. In such conclusions as are founded on an infallible experience, he expects the event with the last degree of assurance, and regards his past experience as a full proof of the future existence of that event. In other cases, he proceeds with more caution: he weighs the opposite experiments: he considers which side is supported by the greater number of experiments: to that side he inclines, with doubt and hesitation; and when at last he fixes his judgement, the evidence exceeds not what we properly call probability. All probability, then, supposes an opposition of experiments and observations, where the one side is found to overbalance the other, and to produce a degree of evidence, proportioned to the superiority. A hundred instances or experiments on one side, and fifty on another, afford a doubtful expectation of any event; though a hundred uniform experiments, with only one that is contradictory, reasonably beget a pretty strong degree of assurance. In all cases, we must balance the opposite experiments, where they are opposite, and deduct the smaller number from the greater, in order to know the exact force of the superior evidence. 4
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Javelin, your recounting your own experience witnessing a "UFO" reminded me of a somewhat amusing hypothesis I arrived at many years ago.


When you consider how people that have come forward to report a UFO sighting/experience are commonly held up by the media and often law enforcement and government officials for public ridicule, you have to wonder why anyone with any sense at all would come forward to report their UFO experience! The line of thinking kinda goes like this...only crazy people or publicity seekers publically claim to have witnessed/experienced a UFO sighting, ergo, if you come forward to report such an incident, we know you are either crazy or a publicity seeker, because only crazy people and publicity seekers report UFOs.


Being the person that I am, with at least some good sense, I kept my own UFO sighting to myself, lol!


We lived deep into a sparsely populated rural area of timberlands and cow pastures, and the incident actually happened shortly before (maybe at most a couplemonths bfore) that couple in Dayton, Tx reported seeing a UFO land on a road, causing their car engine to die and the battery go dead, and who were actually supposedly diagnosed with radiation sickness following the incident. It was one of the more highly publicized UFO events. I actually lived, at the time, less than 15 miles from where that incident was claimed to have taken place.

While no other person witnessed it with me, my dogs did, and their behavior confirmed to me at least that I wasn't imagining what I saw. In fact, the reason I had even gone outside at 1:30AM was to investigate what my dogs were barking at. I could usually get a sense of what kind of thing they were barking at-- strange stray dogs, wild animals, poisonous snake, or people-- from the tone of their barking. That night, it was a very different bark than I'd ever heard before, they sounded totally puzzled and confused! As I went out, all I had to do was follow the direction they were looking, to see the cluster of softly glowing green lights moving erratically, it seemed not much higher than the treetops. Within perhaps couple minutes, they began to move away, it appeared horizonatally, until vanished from my view beyond the surrounding tree tops.


Being the sensible person I am, there was no way I was going to publically report what I'd seen! So, my hypothesis is, if most people with good sense would do as I did, not report an incident because we don't want to be held up for ridicule and labled nut cases, just how many good sensible people are actually seeing these things and keeping their mouths shut about it?




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I don't think it's fair to label everyone who believes in UFOs as nut cases but just because many reasonable and sane people believe in UFOs doesn't prove their existence. Contrary to popular stereotypes of UFO believers, it is quite possible for ordinary reasonable people to mistake natural phenomenons for UFOs. The most famous examples would be the Morristown UFO hoax which was covered by several major news networks before it was finally revealed to be a hoax and the case where hundreds of listeners tuned into the War of the Worlds while it was in the middle of playing on the radio and mistakenly thought it was a real alien invasion going on.

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I find intellectual snobbery just as problematic as ignorance. My wife and I saw what we saw. I don’t know what it was and there may be a rational explanation for it. Millions of others have seen similar things. Some of those accounts are undoubtedly fiction but not all of them.


A UFO is exactly that. It’s an object that has not be identified and it’s airborne. Anything beyond that is speculation. Such objects have been tracked by radar on thousands of occasions. Astronauts have reported seeing them, both military and civilian pilots have reported seeing them, as well as scores of other intelligent, educated, creditable witnesses. Military interceptors have been scrambled to engage them and the pilots have validated visual contact. There are many such phenomena that have yet to be explained.


Probably ninety to ninety five percent of such sighing can be explained, but not all of them. Personally, I have no idea what they may be or where they may have come from. If that makes me an a nut case or an ignorant fool then it seems that I’m in good company. I assume some of you are aware there are PHD’s that study this phenomena too and acknowledge that people are seeing something, but what that something is has yet to be conclusively determined. My wife and I saw what we saw, but I regret acknowledging that now.

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If folks will admit to believing in the possibility of a life force, divine presence, or an entity that takes the form of a elderly male human being, with supernatural powers, but is invisible and lives in heaven believing in the possibility of there being UFO’s doesn’t seem like all that big of a leap to me.

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Lol. Neon, you're funny!


I too was going to clarify, I said I saw something strange in the sky that seemed to be flying in odd ways that didn't look like anything I've ever seen before or since, and don't have a clue what it was. Ergo, unidentified flying object. And dadgummit, my 6 dogs saw it too! And they didn't think it looked like anything they had ever seen, either. Or if they didn't, well, all 7 of us were having the same visual hallucination at the same time!


And Javelin, you have a very good point there!

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If your view of the world is strictly limited to material objects, then you may be missing something! We have been taught that if we cannot touch, feel, or eat it, it does not REALLY exist! Most of us have been taught to dismiss anything we do not understand.


In recent months I have been doing a great deal of reading on this subject and have come to the conclusion that our view of the world is very limited. It is important that each of us has to be very careful; this subject is full of weird conjectures, cultists, and snake-oil salesmen. But, there are a very few real scientists that have investigated this realm and have shared their results. There is a great deal of evidence to indicate that there are several different types of "spiritual" beings that exist in an environment that is parallel to our material existence.


What, or who, are the “aliens” or “spiritual beings” existing in a parallel environment? Parallel, that is, to mankind’s material milieu. One obvious factor is that some of them seem to have several of the same personality faults that plague human beings. On the other hand, folklore tells us that occasionally they have been helpful, kind, and loving towards the human population. Witnesses do not always describe them the same, so there may be more than one kind or type. If we do not want to call them “Angels”, then we could use the medieval term “Sprite”. A Sprite was a ghost or spirit or a small spiritual “being” in the middle ages and they must have existed, or we would not have heard about them in so many stories. One of the hardest things for us materialists to accept is the fact that these Sprites, or Angels, or Elves, or Whatever, actually exist and are just as real as the automobile that is sitting in your garage or driveway.


I found that exploring this subject is very interesting. You just have to avoid the numerous con artists.



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To suggest the only choices we have in reacting to something we've encountered that we don't understand or can't idenity, is between dismissing it as not real, or try to fabricate an "explanation" we really don't have the facts to support, is to ignore what I think it the better way, and is the way I view my own experience related above.


I saw something that I could not identify, that looked like nothing I had seen before or since, but I do know that I saw it. So, I accept it as something that was "real". Now just what that something was, I do not know, and I'm really not inclined to try to speculate without more information than I presently have. My rational mind wants to lean more toward a government developing a super to secret new slealth technology than toward little green men from Mars or even fairies and sprites or demons and angels. But still, I can only stand on I believe (because I cannot prove it to anyone else) that I saw it, it was something "real". but I don't know what it was, except that it was an unidentified flying object, actual origin and nature unknown.



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People invent UFOs and other conspiracy theories because they fail to see the beauty and fascination in the already existing natural world that's all around, so people invent a supernatural fairyland with aliens and ghosts to make humans feel more important than we actually are and give themselves an artificial purpose.

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Guest billmc

I'm with you, Jenell.


When I was 10, my family was visiting with one of our neighbors for a backyard cookout. I was hovering around the grill, waiting for a burger, when the neighbor lady pointed to the sky and said, "Well, would you look at that!" I followed her finger and there was a dark, disc-shaped object moving slowly across the sky. There were no lights on it that I could see. And being against the background of the sky, there was nothing to give it scale, so I couldn't tell how big or small it was. But it was moving too slow to be an airplane. And there was no noise associated with it. It was just there, moving from west to east. It soon moved over the next hill and I saw it no longer.


I didn't see any little green men waving at me from a porthole. :lol: But, to me, it was unidentified. It was flying. And it was some kind of object. All of us saw it so it wasn't the case that I had a bad mushroom on my burger. Sorry, NG, but I didn't invent this thing. :D It was a UFO. Beyond that, I don't know what it was, where it came from, or who was flying it. I, too, lean toward it being some sort of governmental aircraft. Nevertheless, it was very real and it was a UFO.

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Before you get too far into this subject I would suggest that you read at least two of Dr. Jacques Vallee's books: "Confrontations" and "Revelations". Dr. Vallee is a scientist, not a cultist. He has spent approximately 50 years researching what he terms "Unexplained Aerial Objects".


In Confrontations he tells about the actual activities of UFOs, particularly in South America, and points out the fact that sometimes they can be dangerous and deadly.


In Revelations he goes into the 'tangled web of UFOlogy's dark side'. For whatever reason, this subject has promoted a great many hoaxes and weird cults, which tends to obscure the real nature of the phenomenon.


Just because you think these things may be real, does not make you a "nutcase"!

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