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Fullness Of 'relationship' Given Qualified Monism


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Cute title, Fatherman, (says Jesus, author of this message) -- I like the vibe of your question. Sincere. Kind. Open. Since a powerful image from the New Testament has me washing people's feet, I can see where you're coming from with the "Foot to Body" thing. Historically speaking, yeah, I did the foot-washing thing, but, well, you kinda had to be there to get what I was doing. I did it to show people that I wasn't afraid to break religious and cultural taboos. I wanted to show them I wasn't afraid the Mother and Father (whom I referred to as Spirit) would punish me for breaking the Laws of Moses (I did it all the time, to be truthful).


My message -- my real message -- was one of radical equality with the angels on the Other Side. I knew back then that my soul was a separate and beautiful "mini-universe" all on its own. I couldn't say it quite that way, so I called this "mini-universe" the Kingdom. The Kingdom is the mini-universe that is your soul. When I say mini-universe, I mean that quite literally. In quantum physics terms, the energy of your soul is a self-contained "packet" or enfoldment of 4-dimensional energy that exists side by side with other souls (other "packets of consciousness"). Within your own soul -- your own mini-universe -- you are the master/mistress of your own creation. You can create anything you wish within the bounds of your own mini-universe. You can try new things, move things around within your own Kingdom, change, change things back, learn, grow, and change.


The only thing you can't do is change somebody else's personal energy field. You can't take or otherwise intrude on another soul's own Kingdom.


Incarnation as a human (or as another one of Earth's wondrous creatures) is a chance for you to push the energy envelope of your own soul's energy (your mini-universe) and see what happens. The bad news is, you can make a lot of bad choices that hurt like hell when you're still human. The good news is that when you return to your natural 4-D state of existence, your brilliant "soul brain" returns to you, and you suddenly remember the laws of physics that allow you to rearrange the energy in your soul. In other words, when you die, you can very quickly "undo" a lot of energy changes you made in your mini-universe as a human. You can push the reset button and return your soul's energy to its original factory specs, if you so choose. (The soul who lived as Hitler did this as soon as he died.) But even better -- I really like teaching this part -- if you actually like some of the choices you made as a human (or whatever) you get to keep those choices. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!


Your role, then, Fatherman, is to learn how to take control of this admittedly huge responsibility. Although others can encourage you and support you on your journey, ultimately only you have the power to find what you're looking for.


It's tremendously empowering, but, when you're standing at the bottom of a large mound of choices to be remade in your life, it often looks too hard -- too much for one person to tackle.


That's where the angels come in. When a human gets around to deciding to change -- to make wiser, more loving choices based on the soul's needs rather than the ego's needs -- the angels know you'll need help. It's too much to try to change all your bad habits overnight. That's why we sometimes try to slow you down, to help you remember patience so you don't bite off more than one human being can chew.


I had to learn to be very patient with myself 2,000 years ago and not judge myself when I slipped up. (I prefer another word, but Jen is balking.) I had to practice making new choices. I had to learn to love my unique soul self. I had to learn how to identify the boundaries of my own personal Kingdom.


I use the word "boundaries" in awareness that boundary issues are perhaps the most important issue in psychotherapy.


Don't worry about making mistakes -- you'll make plenty more during your time as a human being. Just keep trying to do your best each day. That's what your true relationship is with the universe. Independent, yet needing very much to love and be loved, to trust and be trusted, to help others find their own true potential -- their own Kingdom's vast wealth -- and to allow them to in turn help you dig up your own perfect treasure.


I believe in you.


Love Jesus

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P.S. from Jesus


Jen is complaining that I forgot to tell you the most important thing. I goofed. I take it so much for granted that you believe in your inherent perfection as a soul (because I know you as a soul, and I know you know you're perfect) that I neglected to remind you that you're not stupid as a 4-d soul. You never, ever, ever recklessly decide to keep the bad choices you made as a human. Are you nuts? Give up this indescribable friendship? Trust? Laughter? Pure, rapturous joy? Not to mention the love of your soulmate? Without the option for you to unchoose what you chose as a human being, you wouldn't bother to try to incarnate. You'd stay put in 4-D bliss, and try pushing the envelope another way.


Trust me. You trust yourself as a soul, even though you probably don't remember what that feels like.


This is what God's unconditional love is all about -- loving and trusting your perfection as a soul.


Plus loving and trusting the desire of all other souls (all of us together make up the God Team) to bring more unconditional love into the universe. God don't make no junk, and there ain't no fallen angels. Nohow. No way. Not before. Not now. Not ever (religious sources nothwithstanding).



Love Jesus

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Actually, in the title, I was trying to relate what Paul wrote about the individual parts that make up the body of Christ to the perpective of qualified monism that was being discussed on another thread.


I really resonant with what you said about "mini-universe" or kingdom. At my calmest moments I experience myself as a kingdom of God where all the elements of the divine are integral to my soul, just as a single cell contains the entire DNA pattern of the whole organism.

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If we are related to God by being a part of God, then what is the full nature of that relationship? What is the full nature of our relationship with the Universe....more specifically, with each other?


I'm not sure that I completely understand your question, but I'll bite and give my 2 cents.


When I sit at night, close my eyes, and reach out with my "spirit" (heart, senses, soul, insert word here) in contemplation, the feeling that I get back is like being immersed in an indescribable substance. It's not quite light. It's not quite fluid. Maybe it's what feeling our quantum state feels like. Maybe it's the vibration of quantum strings? Maybe it's the process of becoming or changing as process thought describes? (I dunno and I don't think accurately describing it matters as much as feeling it.)


I feel surrounded and immersed and floating. When I try to relate to it in human terms, I picture being a "cell" in a huge life form. Sometimes I can imagine being a fish (or other marine animal) floating in the ocean. The indescribable substance surrounds me, flows through me as I breath it in and at times I lose both those feelings and realize that the substance is what I'm made up of.


But I never lose the sense that I'm ME. It is always a sense of relationship. I know others have had the experience of completely losing themselves. I would agree with Don that we get out of our mystical experiences what we take into them. If we want to "become God", we can. If we want to "touch God" we can. Like I said in another post, I've never wanted to "become sugar, just taste sugar."


I believe, like process thought, that God/dess gets something out of this relationship. As I feel and experience, so does she. But not because I'M God, but because she can feel as I feel.


As far as our relationship to the universe and each other, I believe we are all interconnected. Where do I end at the quantum level and the air begin? Where does the air end and you begin? We are not the same, but we are connected.


There is a poem (sortof) that I want to share, but I'll have to go find it.



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