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Hello everyone,


I grew up in a very fundemental Christian home and left when I was about 18, as I didn't agree with the harsh hell & heaven concept.


After a long journey of 12 years (many parties and big career moves) I found myself back in a church. The Pastor there is a progressive Christian and it was like I finally found the answers I was looking for. I had tried the whole atheist thing, but it didn't make me happy and despite breaking with the church I really never broke with God. The Pastor at the church was the first person who I heard saying there are different approaches to knowing God. Before that I was always afraid this would be considered "Cherry picking".


So here I am cherry picking and happy.


peace of mind

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welcome.........from another who has often been called a "picker and a chooser"!!..... :D (though with me it has been more a case of different Faiths than different texts of the Bible)


I'm sure your'll find a happy home here


All the best


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Hi peace of mind,


Welcome to the forum.


there are different approaches to knowing God


I agree. I think this is a wonderful fact of our existence, that God can be approached and disclosed in a myriad of ways.




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