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Merton, Raids On The Unspeakable


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I just feel compelled to quote a few words from a book I am currently browsing (not reading through in one go, its not that kind of book) and reflecting upon.


The book is "Raids on the Unspeakable", by Thomas Merton.


At one point Merton says that the "deeper question" is the very nature of reality itself.


Is such a reality inexorable consistency........Is reality the same as consistency?...........the reality of the real world is not consistent.


The world of consistency is the world of justice, but justice is not the final word.


There is, above the consistent and the logical world of justice, an inconsistent illogical world where nothing "hangs together", where justice no longer damns each of us to their own darkness. This inconsistent world is the realm of mercy.


Christianity.....has the temptation......to make the cross contradict mercy.......to say that Christ has locked all the doors, has given one answer, settled everything, leaving all life enclosed in the frightful consistency of a system outside of which there is seriousness and damnation, inside of which is the intolerable flippancy of the saved - while nowhere is there any place left for the mystery of the freedom of divine mercy which alone is truly serious, and worthy of being taken seriously.


Just thought I would share these words, which have given me much to ponder, seeming to sum up so much - for me - at this moment in time. Yet if you disagree, or find them empty........not to worry.

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