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The Best Reason For The Separation Of Church And State

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This Portion of this post by Juanster containing a full JSS essay from January 19, 2011 was deleted in its entirety by JosephM (Admin/Moderator) from this section as the JSS essays are only available to paid or trial subscribers and are copyrighted. Subscribers may discuss the essays under the "Bishop Shelby Spong Discussion Forum" on this site but entire essays should not be posted on this site for all to view without express permission of the publishers as it is copyrighted material.







As the new publishers of "A New Christianity for a New World," we just want to say thank you to all of your positive feedback, encouragement and support. Aside from a few minor issues which we have quickly resolved, the new website is functioning well. We are excited to announce that, for subscribers, comments are now enabled directly onto the website. So, now you can read all of Bishop Spong's essays online at www.johnshelbyspong.com and comment on them right there! Just log in first!



Note: When we transferred user data, for security reasons, all usernames we changed to email addresses. So, when you login, use your email address as your username.



To change your email address or password, just login, and click on "My profile"



When you change your email address, your username is automatically updated to your new email address.



Contact us at: support@johnshelbyspong.com with any concerns or questions!




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