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The Peace I Found Through A Near-Death Experience

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To All Forum Members,


It was suggested to me to place my personal story on this thread so others, like yourselves, who maybe like-minded human beings in search of truth, may benefit in some small way from reading about this near-death experience.


Before I get into the NDE that I experienced in Nuernberg, former Federal Republic of Germany in November 1973, I want you to know what I went through, what I was feeling and in search of before this NDE. I was drafted into the US Army in 1966, sent to Vietnam twice (1967-68 and 1971-72), been involved in countless investigations concerning the racial riots of 1968-69, witnessed how our judical system treated multimillionnaires and politicians differently then from the so-called "others", and been involved in numerous investigations within the US Army military intelligence. In short, at the age of 18 when I was drafted to then, 1973, at age 25, life as I knew it was a total mess and I was looking for solutions for inner peace. From the late 60s to the early 70s, I read everything I could get my hands on that would help me to find that peace. It was during this period that I became an avid researcher into the major religions of the world and I felt at home with this personal quest for inner peace through religious research. Many of the concerns of todays Forum members, namely was Jesus real or a myth, what is the true religion for humanity, what is the truth concerning this God, and many more like questions I have taken deep within myself in this search for peace.


Many years after my NDE '73, I underwent past life regression for the purpose of further clarification of that NDE. What I learned was that in prior lives, I was a priest, monk, Tibetan holy person, a Chinese medician man who quit that profession to follow "The Way", an Egyptian high priest and in most of these life times I had left my wives and children and selfishly followed my instinct in search of the truth. It was this deep love for truth that I was consciously seeking that truth about the ultimate question: Who am I? Physical proof of my intense fixation on knowing the truth can be seen in the small library of hundreds of books that I have accumulated and read over the past thirty plus years.


So, you know what condition I was in mentally and emotionally with respect to what I have gone through and what I was in search of. What follows is what I experienced in a past life experience that took me over to the near-death experienced. All of life is in the moment ---past, present and future. A bit confusing but our thoughts, feelings and our vibrations are the keys to co-create the life we want to live.


NDE: I entered a cathedral or a large building that I assumed was a church. Being that I was born into a family where my parents were practicing Catholics, I assumed that the church-cathedral that I entered was of the Catholic Faith. The year is unknown to me, but by the looks of the building from within that was dimly lit with candle light and what the others were wearing, I would say we were in the 14th - 15th Century. The majority of occupants in that church were dressed in the brown-robed garb that a monk would wear with a rope around the waist and a hood covering their heads and faces. I guessed there were perhaps fifty monks and perhaps fifteen females present, who were also dressed in the typical garb of a nun from that period. As I entered the church from the rear entrance, I immediately felt discomfort, a feeling of sorrow, as if one was asking for forgiveness for having done wrong. I walked up the right side aisle and took a place off to the left from where I was standing. While standing in this pew, I wanted to sit down, but I noticed all the other occupants were standing, with hoods over their heads that covered their faces and they all faced towasrds the front of the church. No one looked around. Their heads were bowed down. Having gone to confession on numerous occasions as a young boy, normally on Friday evenings, I assumed that the occupants were going to confession. This was the feeling I felt and what I observed in the church. Again, their was an air of deep sorrow, and I felt we were all seeking forgiveness. Silence, dimly lit church, cold without any feeling of love permeated the air within that building.


All at once, the occupants turned to their right and began to exit the pews and stood in line, facing the rear of the church; a very orderly solemn process. I likewise did the same. I did not notice what I was wearing, but only assumed that I too was wearing the brown garb of a monk. We all started to step ever so slowly to the rear of the church. I noticed that there was a spiral staircase that those in front of me were ascending. The steps to the spiral staircase went upwards clockwise. As I too ascended the staircase, I began to question myself what I was going to say once I entered the confessional. I knew that we were all going to confess our sins. I thought of a few minor transgressions in my past and decided on them to ask for forgiveness. It was my turn to enter the confessional, which I did. I entered, knelt down and blessed myself by saying 'bless me father for I have sinned'. After having said those words, the screen window slid open and an arm and hand was extended outward toward me and I assumed that the unidentified male wanted me to place my hand in his. The arm was partially exposed and I noticed that he had black hair on his arm and the color of his skin was a light olive color. After I placed my hand in his, it was then that I experienced the most profound awakening that remains with me to this very day.


Immediately I felt there was nothing to forgive, for no wrong was committed, there was only compassion and deep love for that was what I was and where I came from - this Love. Words can never justify what I felt but let me give you an example: Have you ever felt deep sorrow, scarred, anxious and under deep stress and all at once, in an instant, the weighted stones on your shoulders that represented those worries, stress, sorrow, guilt were lifted immediately and all that remained was pure unconditional Love for You? That is who we are! I tried to comprehend where I was and I to this day believe that I was in someone's thought, that we were all in this thought and that thought was conscious Love. I was becoming engulfed in Love, and that Love was in the mind of God (I was created, we were all created by God...we are all One...Oneness). I somehow knew that when we connected with God's thought, that we, together, create from our thoughts...co-create. I was so consumed by this enormous relevation, what I was seeking for so long in the world that I was in, the messy world, that I found myself back into the world from which I came.


My immediate reaction to this near death (life giving) experience was the painful awareness that I was where I did not want to be (in this world). At the age of 25, I am not ashamed to say that I began to cry when I realized that I no longer was with God and was in fact, back in this world. I cried that entire day and into the evening. I repeated dozens of times throughout that day and up to this moment I would catch myself saying....'I want to go Home, my true Home.'


This NDE '73 has been a miraculous gift for which I am deeply humbled and I deeply feel a never ending gratitude to have been this change to witness Love and to know the truth to that ultimate question - who am I? We are Love, we are God's creation, we are to express this Love by doing that which we, with utmost honesty to ourselves and others, love to do in service that expresses this Love. This brings me to what was commuinicated to me in this NDE, and that is...


do not lie to yourself nor to anyone. Simple message. You see, I have lived that lie in my previous lives as a priest, monk and other positions in my attempts to tell others about what was in 'The Bible' and sell it as the truth, when in fact, it was written, rewritten so often that even I knew it to be a fraud. Which brings me to this final thought before I close,


I've often written about going within and not without to find answers to some of our deepest concerns. No one can excape from the lies based on their faith ("Faith equals the belief in something that you know just isn't so" Mark Twain) and not facts, that are shared with others; No one, no Pope, no priest, no normal human being like myself.It is my belief that we are changing and will be in a change. A change from fear, lies, corruption, war and all of the other so-called evils to one of living in Love that is based on the Source of Love that I felt in that NDE. So, let me get off this podium and simply say...


please all of you Forum members, please go within and search for that Source of Love that is in you, where you came from and who we really all are...


Very Respectfully,



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Dear Stausch,


Thank you, thank you, thank you for a most moving contribution to the forum.

I personally elevate you to the highest rank of contributors that I've read so far.

How truly wonderful it was to read of the experience of someone who has 'been there' and found out. I think that what you came back with is pretty much the closest to understanding that man will ever get to and I wholeheartedly commend your posting to everyone and anyone who wants to find out.


Thank you again Stausch




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Staunch, Thank you for the the advice "Please go within and search for that Source of Love that is in you, where you came from and who we really all are..." We can never hear that enough. Look forward to journeying with you.

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Thanks again Staunch for your witness. You know that you have my respect in what you have written before and that I have read. I was almost mesmerized this time because I almost felt like I was with you in that church.


When I had my change of heart, in my beliefs, it was like a big weight had been lifted off of me. So much of what I was taught by the Christians Church was more of a weight, than a feeling of being uplifted. Once I understood the Love that is within me and in my being, I no longer live my life thinking that I can't do anything right. Yes, Love is the name of the game!

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Even though I've read this description of your NDE before, thank you again. I have thought about this experience you related and have passed it along to others because it is so genuine.


Peace Truth & Love



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