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I am puzzled! The ultra-conservatives, fundamentalists, literalists, self-advertised patriots have come up with another pejorative label. Guess what it is: PROGRESSIVE! It was in the Opinion section of the local newspaper this morning.


Fifty or sixty years ago it was "red" or "communist" (now the Republicans are "red" - go figure!) I was never a communist, the first Presidential candidate that I voted for was Eisenhower. The next negative label the conservatives used is "liberal" (I have always been a liberal). Lately the bad label is "socialist". When I commented that Jesus was a lot closer to being a socialist than a capitalist, the only emphatic reply that I got was "Jesus was NOT a socialist!" Now the conservatives are going to downgrade the "Progressives" by using it as a nasty label.


Where do we go from here?


Don't take me too seriously - every time I think I have seen and heard everything in my 84 1/2 years, something else rears its head.


My biography: Liberal, great-grandfather, grandfather, husband, father, son, brother. The old Silverback of a rather large extended family. My best friend and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary two months ago.



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