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I started out as a conservative evangelical but began to question things around 1997. At that time my main issue was How God could send 95% of the world to hell forever. I prayed for wisdom as it says to do so in James 1:5. Around 1999 I began studying the Near Death Experience as well as Christian Universalism or the Reconciliation of all things. By 2000 I was a self described Christian Universalist. Through my studies I came to realize that the message of reconciliation was not all that advanced but very basic. I got into what I would describe as Christian mysticism as well. Through the NDE and mystical studies I have grown in my spiritual journey. I have come to realize that God is bigger than any one religion and that He uses all of them to reach people where they are. Everyone is exactly where they need to be whether Baptist, Catholic, Mormon, Buddhist, or even Atheist. My job is not to "convert" people but simply to share what God has shown me through love and compassion. We all came out of God and shall all return to him. One practice that I try to do daily that has helped so much is meditation. God has spoken to me so much during those times.

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Spillerman, I also like to meditate regularly. You seem to be a bridge for the conservative Christians with your background, good philosophy and nature. I read your post about your relationship with your new pastor and am impressed how you care, love and how you are concerned about his spiritual growth. I think your nature will be patient and let him take small steps as you accept him every step of the way on his spiritual journey. May God dance with both of you in your relationship together.

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