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Has anyone read this book by Shane Clairborne & John Perkins? I'm just starting it and it seems pretty interesting. Just wondering if anyone has any input on it while I'm reading it?


I haven't read it, Micah, but I do know a bit about Shane from his ties with the Emerging Church and especially from his desire to actually live like Jesus as much as possible. He seems to live a somewhat ascetic lifestyle, right? I couldn't do that as I have a family to support, but I admire his way of getting the message out.

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Yes, he really has a method down from the sounds of it. I'm in the same boat, of having a family to support. But it seems like a good idea to move more in this type of a direction with our faith. He really does seem to put faith into action. Looking forward to getting more into the book. I'll give you updates as I move through it.

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