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I'm Travis. I've been aware of this site for awhile but just discovered the forum section. I'm interested in historical Jesus scholarship especially the work of Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan. I'm also interested in inter-faith dialogue, spiritual practices and the articulation of progressive faith. I hope to get in to some good conversations about progressive Christianity, connect with others to share resources, insights and challenges. My wife and I currently attend a church that is theologically conservative but extremely engaged in innovative projects that provide services to people on the margins in our city and internationally. Theologically, I find myself to be a bit of a resident alien in this congregation, so I'm looking forward to some conversation with those of like minds.

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Welcome, Travis! Like you, I'm interested in the historical Jesus, but find him difficult to "get to" with all the layers of mythology he is enshrouded with. But I still think his central message about God's dream for the earth applies today, to both our hearts and to our world.


I look forward to hearing more from you!




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Hi Travis. I can totally relate. Read my post to see my journey. I met my wife online two years ago. I ended up moving from Utah to Montana where she is. I attend her church which is a independent Baptist church. Frankly, I wonder sometimes what the heck I'm doing in it. My wife has a 20 year history with the pastor and his family so she would never want to leave. Also, I started working with the pastor on a alternative energy project that he is interested in. I have gotten to be good friends with him. We do a men's bible study on Tuesday and I do try to gently and lovingly share things with him, but its hard. He is a good person, and I know he loves God and another people and is trying to do what he feels is right. I know God has him where he is. But his teachings in service leave alot to be desired. They are very literalist, ridged, and hostile to people of other faiths like the Muslims and Mormons. He is really into young earth creationism, and I haven't even told him my true views. I tend to believe in the framework view of understanding creation. That the creation story should be understood figuratitvely for the most part and that God did use millions and billions of years to create the world, and to a great extent he did use evolutionary processes. I'm thinking my pastor would probably think this website was of the devil, lol.

Even on politics its hard. He loves capital punishment, is super anti gay rights, and wants to completely criminalize abortion. I generally favor a move away from capital punishment. I don't oppose it as ethically wrong, but simply support more positive alternatives to it. I support much of the gay rights agenda. On same sex marriage I would get the state out of licensing and giving privileges to married people and make marriage a private matter between two adults. Thus you could say I favor defacto same sex marriage. On abortion, I do morally oppose it and support restrictions on it, but I don't favor completely banning it because to do so would compel a woman to provide her body as a natural life support system for the child, akin to slavery. An unborn child may have a right to life, but does not have a right to compel someone else to give him what he needs to keep on living. I might need a kidney transplant to stay alive but that does not mean I should force you by law to give me a kidney.

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