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I was really enthusiastic when I came across your website on Barbara Brown Taylors website. It seems both your organization and Barbara have something in common with me... a desire to find something more in the process of finding a path of my own. I've been a Christian my whole life, but my thoughts and belief structure have changed, grown, and blossomed over the years. I've alawys been a member of the United Church of Christ and going back the years, my family was and old "E&R" (evangelical & reformed) and before that Reformed. I grew up in the church and our local congregation was pretty conservative as were my parents. I attended a non-denominational christian school that my father helped establish, but it was truly a very very conservative school. So much so that the teachings I was following in church (and even those given by my parents) suddenly started to "not add up" with what I was being taught in school. After I graduated I had an oportiunity to become more immersed in the UCC and discovered the wonderful freedom of believeing that in some way God is always in our corner. "No matter who we are or where we are on lifes journey... as the UCC ad states." This really was the beginning of my newly developing faith. Unfortunately the local church wasn't quite as in tune with this as I was, and after a stint on my local church board and even a portion of time as President, I found out pretty quickly waht the local church thought of all this stuff. I had had enough, and wasn't sure where to turn. Always searching for another place and another way to feel included. I have stayed very active in the national church and serve on their Wider Church Ministries Board of Directors. It's exciting to be a part of a group that is so into what they believe! But even there, we find polotics. I need a place to explore my faith further... a safe place where no one really does play polotics. Where it doesn't matter if you are democrat or republican, and it doesn't matter who you voted for...simply becuase it never comes up. A place where the promary goal is following Christ's teaching, attmepting to be more and mkore like him every day, noticing the plight of others around us, and the desire to always be improving ourselvs and the world around us. Where we are viewed as individuals, loved by God, independent of any "tag" we might be given. I am sincerely hoping that I have found a place such as this right here. I look forward to many good discussions!






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