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Pax Be With You


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I was born in Endwell -- and I hope I do.


I grew up in Westchester, NY and have lived in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Princeton, Schenectady, and in the NJ suburbs of The Big Apple.


Organic gardening, political and environmental activism, reading classics, following NY sports teams, jazz/opera,


and living happily with my wife and our two kids (16 & 14) who are unschooled,


keeps me grateful.


I've been finding renewal in being more open with others and myself re: my progressive brand of Christianity.




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Welcome, Pax.


I grew up in upstate New York (Elmira and Horseheads). I now live in Fort Worth, Texas, and I sure do miss the rolling hills and change of seasons (but not the snow). :)

I look forward to hearing more from you.



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Bill, My mother in law and her sister live in Horseheads.


Not a bad little town, still has that small town atmosphere. But when you tell people you are from a town called "Horseheads," they wonder if you're not more closely related to the other end of the horse. :D

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