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12 Years Ago I Had 'spiritual Breakdown'


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Hi there all,


I am new here. i currently post on Tentmaker.org. i have read a few posts that are interesting so i thought i would join in if that's ok with you all!!!!

A little about me!


About 12 years ago i had a 'spiritual breakdown' as i later called it. I was convinced that i had committed 'that' sin! I went to a psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with OCD which i then realised that i've had since being a young girl.


I am now 43 years old, live on the outskirts of London, married with no children but i do have a beautiful fur baby called Spikey! I waitress at a local fish restaurant which i throughly enjoy. My hobbies are nintendo ds games, reading, gardening, eating out, buying books as well as reading them.


I stopped going to church not long after i found out that God is not going to burn people for eternity because i couldn't stand listening to that nonsense anymore.


I became interested in Eckhart Tolle and his spiritual teachings, buddism, i sort of belief in re-incarnation as it sort of makes sense, but i don't like the idea that when we die we just go back into the 'void' or that we have to come back to a new body for maybe millions of lifetimes until we reach spiritual enlightenment.


I am a christian but i don't think fundies would like some of my beliefs!

I hope to have some enlightening conversations with you.




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Welcome to the forum.


I've been in as much trouble with fundamentalist Buddhists as with fundamentalist Christians. I guess I find it difficult to "believe" in most things.


If I had to call myself anything it would be a Pure Land Buddhist, which is very egalitarian. The only thing we seek to out do each other in is in foolishness...... :D


Look forward to seeing you (or your words) around.



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Hello, Nutkins, and Welcome!


You will find that, once outside of the orthodox church doors, Christianity is an umbrella that embraces a large number of approaches to the teachings and understanding of Jesus. Then we have the whole other issue of God, too. Orthodox Christianity is more or a human construct than it is a faith. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with either Protestant and Catholic orthodox Christianity is, well, Protestant and Catholic orthodox Christianity. What you are exposed to in these religions is just that: religion. Your Journey will take you beyond such dogmas and agendas putting you in a place where you will find ideas that fit together in a Faith that is right and just for you. I wish you well on your Path!

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