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A Walter Wink Excerpt?

Mary Ann

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HELLO -- I am a new member coming to pick your brains---


I have a fast question for all out there:


I am looking for something I read in Walter Wink: that there are four images of God (immanent, transcendent, etc ? and depending on the one chosen by a culture, that culture's members relate to their fellow humans accordingly--- (ex: belief in Karma might lead to neglect of their fellow humans.)


In which of wink's books is that great insight laid out? I want to include it in a tlak I am giving to a UU congregation.


Mary Ann,

from New Bern, NC

via Indiana and Florida

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I have read only one of Winks books, his excellent trilogy The Powers that Be. That was years ago, but I dont recall the four images passage youre referring to --his focus is different. Actually it sounds more like Marcus Borg, especially the first part of The God We Never Knew. Panentheism as a way of thinking about God affirms both the transcendence of God and the immanence of God. Borg goes into considerable depth on images and models of the divine (nothing about the idea of karma though). Also check out John Spong in This Hebrew Lord.

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