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Hello folks-


I normally am active on one of the more conservative forums.


I enjoy:

Being a progressive gadfly among conservatives.

Being a conservative among progressives.


Studying gender issues.


Camping with my son.

Being too old to have a 10 year old son.

Quantitative finance and economics.

Brian McLaren.

Tony Campolo.

Holding an eclectic and unpredictable mix of opinions.



In short, I am a geek with a 10 year old son. I look forward to exploring this forum. My world right now is dominated by folks of a more conservative frame of mind. I think I need a safe place for my "left brain". Hoping this might be it.

Edited by BT.
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Guest billmc

Hi BT. Welcome to the forum for Progressive Christianity. I'm glad you found your way here and hope you find what you're looking for.

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We will see if this is the spot I'm looking for or not. I spend a fair bit of time on some of the very conservative sites offering a more progressive viewpoint. For my own sanity, I'm feeling the need to balance that out.



We are a bit south of you- 30 miles west of Denver or so.


Fort Collins is nice, but I sure like being close to the ski areas. Skiing is more fun if you don't have to get up at 5 am to beat the traffic.

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Guest billmc

I was stationed at Lowry AFB from '83 thru '84. I enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the Denver area. I never learned to ski, but we took a few treks up into the mountains and they are so beautiful, awe-inspiring, and dangerous! I wish I could live there again, if only I could find a decent job there.

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Finding work here is difficult. You almost need to move here first and the

look for work.


It took me about 10 years of developing professional relationships here before I was able to find a job here.

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