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Happy Easter

Adi Gibb

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Hi everyone,


From here in Australia in the bright morning sunlight I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter. On Friday I attended a three hour Good Friday Passion liturgy at Christ Church, St Lucia. A choir sang beautifully, the soloists, all Conservatorium students, were fantastic. Consisted of songs in Latin, readings from scripture, reflections by the Rector, poems and many times of silence in which to meditate and reflect. This is a quite progressive parish and Rector who do this kind of old school liturgy brilliantly. It was, however, quite solemn, as it should be, but today is the other end. Leaving aside the appropiation of the pagan fertility festival Eostre, and accepting for many that the resurrection is not to them what it is to me, today I am filled with joy as we remember the coolest man who ever lived is alive! Risen, risen indeed! Happy Easter everyone. Celebrate your faith and eat as much chocolate in a frenzy of decadence that you can, why not!



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