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Let me introduce myself


I am steve murmann member and moderator of a congregational church in west central Illinois

For years we have limped along slowly loosing membership . 3 years ago it came to close of re-evaluate and change. I was ready to close. But God had other plans!

as we contemplated our future be began to study "living the Questions" DVD series and wholly cow people who think like me!!! I am not alone in my questionings. We were not alone. The more we read the more we realized that our Christian community was progressive but did not know it. Sunday we voted to re-plant our church as an Inclusive, Progressive, Intentional Christian Church. THE WORK STARTS NOW!!! When I showed the 8 points the biggest argument we got was "I agree with everything except the word progressive with the rub being that this was the way the church was until the fundamentalists began speaking for all Christians.


So here we are heading down a familiar road but this time we are going to try and keep our eyes open.

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