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Religious Science Friend Repelled By Christianity

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Ok. I have a neighbor who lives in back of my house of whom is Religious Science and has been in it for at least 20 years now. We have become good friends and often will go to book stores together. Her name is Pat and what I have gathered from pat is that she was left with a very bad tast in her mouth about Catholicsm and how she believed it harped on fear and guilt and made her feel bad about herself. She said she was reaching and then found Religious Science and it turned her life around and made her feel like a worthy person again. Thing is..Pat only seems interested in Ernest Homes books. She admits she knows nothing about any other religions..neither Judeo-Christianities..not Eastern.


Now..I have studied all world faiths every since I was 13 and I am now 40..so even though I

was never a memeber of or in Religious Science.. I know enough to see the basic differnece between it and Unity. And my friend Pat is so unaware of religious she thinks they are just alike. However...Unity, though it shares the positive thinking ideas of religious Science...Unity is based IN Christianity..thus Unity Churches full name is..The Unity School of Christianity and it also uses Scriptures all the time to base it positive thinking ideas. Religious Science does not base it's movement on Christianity and it does NOT use Scriptures. So..the other day she said to me, "You know this may shock you to hear and it shocks me to admit this..but I think I need to learn about the Bible...so here is my question to all of you...do you think that "Pat" might change her negative thinking about being soured on Jesus and Christianity and Bible..if she could read a positive book on it by Unity? Or do you know of a good recommended book to sgest for a person who got burned on Christianity by a former negative fundamental church background..but now has opened their mind to give it a second look? Maybe a Bishop Spong Book? Maybe if there was a book like that one long ago called "Stealing Jesus"..Or something like that?

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Why not point her to this site and let her read through it a bit as there are many here with similar backgrounds? I'm fairly certain others would enjoy fielding her questions and supporting her. Just a suggestion.



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