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The Silence Of Snow Fall.

Kyler Rush

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I love to hear the sound of snow fall! It is a beautiful sound, a silent sound. But it is more than a sound, more than a silence. It is a silence that screams to be heard. A silence so large and so loud it begs to bring peace to a troubled world. It pleads with people to slow down and listen within themselves and to others in their lives. It is a silence that transcends understanding and implores the mind to cleanse itself, to pause for even a second and look at what's inside. It asks the world to be still.

When snow falls, all the animals become silent. The bird stops its singing, the dog ceases to bark, and the mouse ends its squeaking. All to listen to the silence that desires to inspire rest and relief.

My favorite part of snow is listening to it fall. To hear the snowflakes land one on top of another. And to hear the silence they make as they fall through the frosty air.

The silence of snow fall is the loudest silence I know. It is beautiful and entreating. It is deep and arresting. Yet it is a barely audible whisper, a gentle hiss.

I feel this silence as though I can cut it with a knife. I feel it hanging on to my coat, seeping through my gloves, tickling my face.

The silence is monstrous in its volume, its weight, and its feeling. Yet it is hard to hear, light as a feather, and soft as dust.

The next time you are out in snow fall, try to hear it, listen to it and feel it. It speaks.


Be mindful of the quiet around you.



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