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I'm Introducing Myself


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My name is Jill.

I am a 32 year-old registered nurse living in Raleigh, North Carolina. I attend a Metropolitan Community Church in the area, and I tend to be either THE only or one of the only straight people in my congregation. I love my church and wish that I could meet people who share my views on Christianity. I consider myself a universalist and/or inclusionist Christian. If you have ever read Bishop Carlton Pearson's Gospel of Inclusion, I pretty much agree with just about everything that he has to say.


I wish that I could find a singles site for 'progressive' Christians. I am single and hoping to meet someone, but when I have checked out Christian dating sites, I never come up with anything (because I express my inclusionist perspective in my profiles, and they no likey :P). Living in the Bible belt makes it tough to meet other progressive Christians, so I hope to make a few friends here.

Thanks for reading!

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