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Well hello,

So, here's a little introduction of myself. Let's see, I can say that I've been looking for a relationship with God my entire life. I'm the product of an interfaith marriage. My Father was Catholic (he is now a Buddhist) and my Mother is Jewish. I was Baptized Catholic, and by the time my younger sister was born when I was 3, it was set that we were all going to be raised Jewish from then on. I tried to involve myself in all activities that were Jewish, going to camps, services, even meeting with my Rabbi. I just never felt anything in my heart.


I have always felt a pull to Christianity, but it was a bad word in my house, so it felt wrong to explore. A few months ago, I started asking a friend questions about Christianity. He wasn't pushy, but said some beautiful things, things I have never heard before and it really struck a cord with me. He said that if I really looked in my heart I would know what is right for me. So I spent some time REALLY looking in my heart. On Jan 1st I had a "spiritual awakening". I would love to describe what that felt like, but I don't think that there are words to describe it. At first I thought that I was going crazy, like the people I use to see on T.V. and call crazy. I called my Dad, and he said that he had the same feeling when he found Buddhism. I have a dear friend that I also contacted when this first happened and I told him all that I felt. We had a really long talk. It was amazing to talk to a Christian that had open and accepting views on life and other religions. He told me that he was a Progressive Christian, and if Christianity was what I was looking into, I should look into the Progressive Christian Movement. I have and I Love it.


I feel something now when I pray which is something I have always wanted. I just don't know what I am now. Jewish with Christian beliefs? Christian with a Jewish background? I don't have a lot of people to talk to about all of this. I saw this forum and had a good feeling in my heart. I'm looking to talk with like minded people who are accepting of all beliefs and that everyone is accepted regardless of who they love what they believe. I believe that love is what is at the heart of it all.

Thank you for reading


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Welcome to the forum Rivkah, I look forward to your contributions. I was raised a fundamentalist Christian, left that and explored other religious traditions, especially Buddhism. Like your father I have found and continue to find meaning and value in Buddhism. But I still consider myself Christian, having rediscovered something of the power that the gospel possesses, and have found much to work with in liberal or progressive theology. It's great you decided to go with the theologically open route; many people, after having a particular religious experience, will decide that truth must only lie in that tradition.


It's interesting you question what to self-identify as, as I'm sure early Christians suffered with the same problem. There is no reason, though, in my opinion, to abandon one faith tradition in favor of the other. They are really both so intimately linked that both can inform each other. The new testament is, after all, a product of first century Judaism.


Peace to you,


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