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Hello From Another Liberal Christian


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Hello everyone! You can call me Holly. I am a 27 year old liberal Christian from Southwestern Indiana. I attend a United Church of Christ church in my area with my boyfriend. Speaking of which, we are both going to a new member orientation meeting tomorrow in preparation for joining the United Church of Christ. I am politically active and I vote Democrat. The only time I will not vote Democrat is if I don't think one of the Democratic Party candidates are liberal enough and that is rare.


I was raised Southern Baptist and I went to various conservative churches for a large number of years. None of these churches satisfied me. I even tried the Catholic Church and officially converted to Catholicism. I was a Catholic for almost 4 years before I finally gave up on it and decided to try something new. I searched my heart and soul and found that I was a liberal at heart. Once I found this out, I started attending a liberal church, the United Church of Christ. Luckily for me, the United Church of Christ that is close to me has a pastor who is just as liberal as I am. She is actually going to e-mail me some stuff at the end of this week (the week of the 24th through the 30th) about how I can help to educate the church about gay marriage and such. Unfortunately, even though my pastor agrees with me and my boyfriend on liberal things, the church is not considered to be an open and affirming church. That is why I am seeking to educate the church when it comes to gay marriage and such in the hopes that we can win enough people over to make it officially an open and affirming church.


Anyway, I look forward to chatting with you all!



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