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By Calling Ourselves Progressive ...


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So, I have been here for just a short time, and have been interested to see what other people's approaches are, and in particular whether the tolerance levels of this place are rather more broad than those of other faith message boards.


They are, but not for the right reasons.


I agree with the general content of the 8 points of PC, but nonetheless I am now at the position of concluding that I am not a progressive. The reason for this is that my understanding of the Church, by which I do not mean any one denomination, but the church as a whole, is that it is a body of believers, each of whom has a part to play, and each of whom is equally valued and equally valid. We each have a time to speak and a time to listen; a time to love and a time to be loved.


This is, sadly, not what I have found here. What I have found is a collection of people behaving in a very narcissistic fashion, each of whom is gazing fondly into his or her own navel, and expecting the rest to stand in awe of their unique revelation of the world. This would be fine - there are lots of narcissists all over the world doing very nicely. The problem is, nobody is providing support to anyone else. It is 'look at me', 'no, look at me', 'no, look at me', everywhere.


"By calling ourselves progressive, we mean that we are Christians who have found an approach to God through the life and teachings of Jesus."


Very narcissistic of 'us'. Who cares, in the end, what we call ourselves? What matters is what God calls us; the focus is totally and completely 100% the wrong way round.


Look for yourself. Lots of people with very valid things to say, but nobody bothers to respond and give them love and support, because they are too busy saying their own valid things. And if you do happen to respond with a comment, and sometimes even when you offer support, you mostly get ignored, but might occassionally get comments such as, 'this is my view and I am not changing it for anyone'. Or worse.


Therefore, this kind of self indulgence is not what I am looking for, and I am not staying.


I would wish you all well, but quite frankly, I am not sure anyone would want that. What you want is adulation. Not surprisingly, you don't get mine.





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Thank you, Cathy, for calling us to an introspective look. I sometimes don't feel like I'm interested in the same things as the others on this board either, but I have read many insights that reflect Christ well and have learned much from my time spent here. I'm very sorry to read that you have felt a lack of support here. I know that I have been unable to attend to my online relationships well during the month of December for a variety of reasons, and for that I apologize. I believe this message board should meet people where they are, and hopefully interactions should glorify God in the love they show. Can you give me a brief, more specific history of where you encountered narcissism on the board? I know for certain that is never what I intended to exhibit here. But, I appreciate your being honest about how progressives are coming off to you. Many coming here are searching desperately theologically. Some come looking for personal support and love. I agree that the focus of the message board has tended toward debating individual theological beliefs rather than spending time loving and supporting eachother individually. I wonder if that is because of the impersonality of an electronic format like this. I hate to think otherwise, that progressive Christians really don't care about others.


I thought the intent of Point 1 was just to provide a basic definition, but I like your insight that "we" seems like the focus is on us, rather than on God. Maybe we could change it to something like...


God is reaching out in love to humans in many different ways. Progressive Christians have been approached by God through the life and teachings of Jesus.



Can we start over? Can you start a topic with some of the concerns you have? Given the honesty of your feedback, I'd like a second chance!



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Dear Cathy,


It is unfortunate for us that you feel that way about us and progressive Christianity as i also do not wish to see you leave. Sometimes it seems to me that what we see in others is mostly a reflection of that which is in ourselves as I have been here for a few years and do not share your interpretation of the members here. In fact, i find them as a whole, most loving and more respectful of their peers than on any other board i have participated. But i do respect your right to voice your opinion and measure us as you choose.


It seems to me there is still much that you could learn by staying not just for any knowledge shared but interfacing with others to develop empathy and sensitivity for others. However, turns in this journey are, IMO, yours to decide. Perhaps you will give it prayerful thought and reconsider?


Love in Christ,


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