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I am Tony from the UK

I am not of any Religion as such although I would use terms and symbols such as God or Jesus to point. Those are the symbols I am most comfortable with but there are many more that bring the same "Christ" message


During 2003 I had direct Revelation - The Expereince of Christ and of God (These symbols again only point)


It has taken me the last 6 years to "balance"


I now study ACIM which is the most accurate writing I have found so far although Jesus Teachings from the Bible, Bahai, Hindu, Bhudda, Moses, Horus and pretty much all the other ancient writings all contain the same message and simply use different symbology for the Culture

That said I read none of the above to "remember" my Father, but was simply led to realise that Love of ALL through non judgement was the way............and so that is what i now practise as best I can

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Welcome Tony,


Sounds to me like you have, in my view, realized that which is most important.




What is suprising from the ego level is how simple this all is


See others as God created them and not as I would judge them ...........



But then that makes perfect sense as We are made in Gods image, so to see another as less than perfect would be to attempt to say God is not perfect


Fancy, The golden rule really is the way Home lol


And who hasnt in some form come to the Golden rule hehe


Sorry thinking out loud



Thank you for your welcome and comments

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