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What Tcpc Is 'not' About


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As many here have voiced TCPC is about a from of Christianity that allows each individual to define what the nature of everlasting life or the lack of it there of is. It does NOT shove theological interpretations of doctrinal issues in people's faces. So while I can not and would not attempt to explain what each and every Progressive Christian DOES believe...I believe I 'CAN' explain what each and every Progressive Christian does NOT believe.


Progressive christians do NOT believe:


1. ..in using a fear of hell or armageddon or getting "Left Behind" to gain and maintain converts/members.


2. They do not believe in banning women or races other than white from spiritually teaching to the congerations.


3. They do not believe in banning homosexuals from being welcomed into their churches or trying to force them to be attracted to and merry the opposite sex.


4. They do NOT teach that those others who embrace different interpretations on Christianity, the Bible, the trinity issue and the like are "Unsaved", "Doomed", heading for hell, nor do they lable them "cults." This includes their fundamental Protestants, Catholic, SDA, JW, Mormon and Christian science peers...and also includes those who's faith is not Christian such those in eastern faiths and Native American Spirituality.

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I made the wrong assumption about "The Course In Miracles" not being included in TCPC and was counseled by the administration otherwise just recently. Their statement of openness certainly indicated they would find your affirmations quite acceptable as well.



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